Oso Dope is a New York City based hip hop artist and a member of the LOAF collective. Oso Dope is a born entertainer and really prides himself on not just having great music but having an excellent show to back it up with as well. Oso Dope would attend almost every play or show at his middle school; acting is what he aspired to do. "My Favorite part about being a music artist is performing on stage" He says "It's where I can really show off my actual talent as an all around performer". Growing up in a home where his parents choice of music ranged from Salsa to Merengue and Bachata; playing video games that had Hip Hop tracks is how Oso Dope learned about rhyming and the soulful genre of hip hop. He says "It got to a point where learning the lyrics to these songs felt like a part of the video game making me feel like a rapper myself" Since then, it's been the battle between his two passions, which is exactly what makes Oso Dope the artist he is today. Look out for Oso Dope! 



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